For Renters

Q: What is a short term rent to own or lease option?

A: This is a technique where you rent the home while you are improving your credit. In this situation, you would have the exclusive right to buy the home for the duration of your option. Everyone’s credit history, income, and length of time required to cure problems is unique, so we customize a plan just for your situation. We will only do a rent to own or lease option if we are reasonably sure your situation can be solved and you are willing to do the work needed to qualify for a home loan. Realize our goal is to sell you the home by having you qualify for a home loan as soon as possible. We have loans on our homes and basically take your rent to pay our bank loan. Our profit to run the company comes from actually selling you the home at the end of the process.

Q: What are the risks of doing a lease option?

A: Interest rates can rise or fall daily. This can make your eventual house payment go up or down (compared to now) when you do eventually buy. That is why it is best to follow our suggestions and improve your credit as rapidly as possible.

Bank lending standards can change during the lease option time frame. Normally, federal home loans standards do not change rapidly.

Q: How much do I need down to do a rent to own or lease option with you?

A: That is a case by case basis. We take into consideration how long you will need to clean up your credit and qualify for a loan.

Q: Do you rent homes?

A: Yes.  Our main goal is to sell our homes. This is how we pay our staff, contractors, and bills. If our homes do not sell, we normally try to work with an applicant that can straighten out their credit issues while renting the home and then eventually buy. If we can’t do that then we will sometimes rent it to a clean person as a last option.

Q: Why is the cost of renting the home different then the monthly payment, if I am able to purchase the home?

A: If you obtain a loan now, you will benefit from historic low home loan interest rates. This can make the payment for borrowing enough money to purchase the home lower than the current rental rate for the area.

Q: Will you help us with our credit if we just rent?

A: Absolutely!  Our entire business is based on turning renters into homeowners. Helping you understand and correct your credit flaws is free to any of our renters as a perk for renting from us.

Q: How much do I need to move in if I rent only?

A: Our company requires first month’s rent, last month’s rent and security deposit. In some special circumstances a payment plan may be worked out to accumulate last month’s rent.

Q: Can we have pets while renting?

A: We have lost tens of thousands of dollars on repairing pet damage and replacing stinky carpets. For this reason we are extremely cautious. We do occasionally accept existing long term family pets with our approval on a case by case basis. We have zero tolerance for not taking care of your pet, feces or urine accidents in home, or damage. If you can’t 100% trust your pet or don’t keep them clean, then our homes are not for you. If allowed, your animal using our carpets as a toilet will cost you in excess of $4,000 for new flooring. We reserve the right to ask you to remove the pet if there is an issue. If you can purchase immediately then it is obviously not an issue.

Q: Can we paint when renting

A: Generally not until you buy the home.

Q: Do you inspect homes when we rent?

A: Due to tens of thousands of dollars in damages we have had to pay (normally to carpets and wall paint) ,Yes, we inspect our homes as long as we own them. We also use that time to update any routine maintenance needed on the home